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The process of requiring and posting bail can be a confusing one in the state of LA. Going through that situation alone can be difficult and troubling, especially without the proper information. Here’s an example below on misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are divided into three classes:

  • Class A. Class A usually deals with things like driving under the influence, possession of drugs, and underage drinking. The fines for Class A misdemeanors include a $2,500 fine and up to one year in jail.

  • Class B. This class pertains to charges of marijuana possession and criminal trespassing. These carry a much heavier fine ($15,000 or less) and a six-month jail sentence or less.

  • Class C. This involves disorderly conduct and harassment. The fine is $1,000 or less and a month of jail time or less.

Bail allows the defendant to meet the cost of said bail in order to spend their pre-trial time outside of jail. Not every crime has a bail sentence; the judge can determine that no bail will be possible if the crime is severe enough. Once the bail price has been set, the judge will determine what percentage of that will need to be posted to “make bail”. This is generally between 10% and 15% based on the severity of the crime. Even at that percentage, it is still no small amount. A $50,000 bail price can mean $5,000-$7,500 in bail bonds. At Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish, we can not only assist with the overall cost of the bail bond but with the process of getting all of the paperwork filed. Being able to spend time with family and friends or preparing a defense can be a huge benefit. We understand these things and that is why we work to make sure that the bail bond process is completed quickly. When you need assistance with bail bonds in Livingston Parish, LA give us a call at 225-438-0000 today.


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Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish provides a number of bail bonds services for a variety of crimes in the state of LA. These include weapons violation bail, domestic violence bail, DUI bail bonds, drug possession bail bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds, and felony bail bonds. We are also happy to provide answers to the very complicated scenario that is the bail bonds process. We know that the process can be a confusing one and that going it alone can lead to more trouble than its worth. Having the right help in your corner is important and we want to be that help. Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish is one of the most trusted names in the bail bonds process in the state of LA because we provide quick, reliable service at a point where time is of the essence.

The Livingston Parish Detention Center is one of the places that need to be contacted and can be reached at (225) 686-2241. If there are questions related to the bail process or the amount that needs to be posted, then the Livingston Parish Courthouse would be the place to contact at (225) 686-2216. For concerns regarding the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office contact at (225) 686-2241.

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DUI doesn’t just mean alcohol, it involves any type of inebriation even with drugs. When your senses are impaired and you’re behind the wheel expect consequences. Not only are you endangering others but you are endangering your own life on the road. When you find yourself in the situation where you need help from an arrest with DUI, contact your local bail bondsman today.

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Bail Bondsman is one of those vague terms that most of us are none too familiar with. But it is a term of help and reliability in the pre-trial process that can provide the defendant with the very valuable time that they need to get prepared for a case. Don’t spend that time in a jail cell when posting a bail bond can be done quickly and easily. If you have any questions related to the bail bonds process or wish to partake in our services, call us today at 225-438-0000. It is the most important call that can be made in the pre-trial process. Spending time with family and friends or preparing a defense is important in the pre-trial process and should not be taken for granted.

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